MEZZONE REMEDIES PVT LTD is a professional pharmaceutical company fortifying its presence in different segments of healthcare like orthopaedic, gastroentorology,neurology dermatology. We adhere to the highest ethical standards of business conduct; protecting the best interests of Team Members, Business Associates, patients, communities and the environment. We stand behind our products and take ownership of our efforts to bring safe, affordable new pharmaceutical products to market.

We believe that continuous development and quality management are the key factors of success and growth of any organization. We are always looking for the most recent advanced products, which adhere to the world’s highest standards and focus on providing high quality with affordable treatment of the poor patient.

At MEZZONE REMEDIES we practice that – “Quality is never an accident, it is result of continuous and dedicated efforts.”


A COMMITMENT TO LIFE To reach beyond the horizon and to ensure that our associates achieves the pinnacle of success. For, MEZZONE REMEDIES entire globe is its market, therefore our vision lies to benefit mankind at every corner of the globe with the Best Quality Medicines at Affordable Prices


”We have two most important assets with us – Our Sincere Efforts & Precious Time. And we use them 100% to get 100% out of that.”

(Group Managing Director)